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Lupe SanchezHOSTED BY: Lupe Sanchez
Lupe Sanchez was born in the mean, gang infested, drug filled streets of Schaumburg Illinois. There he was raised by his single mother, and single father, who were coincidentally married to each other. Lupe had to learn independence and self-reliance early in life for the sake of survival. Despite these hardships, he fulfilled the promise he made to his creditors and earned a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College in the prestigious field of Communications. After college, he took a leap a faith and accomplished his dream of being a half-@#$ed actor and a “not ugly” looking model. Since then Lupe matured greatly and has moved on to more serious endeavors such as comedy. Lupe attended Second City and learned improv acting and comedy writing. He then co-founded Chicago’s Premiere Sketch Comedy Group, Taco Flavored Eggrolls. Lupe now focuses his attention on writing and performing stand-up comedy. Lupe is a swell guy!