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    Annual Sauce Madness

Join the Madness!

Join us at McQ's for our annual #SauceMadness!

Thursday, March 16th - Monday April 3rd


16 Different Sauces

  1. Orange Teriyaki:  orange infused teriyaki, sweet and tangy, hint of ginger
  2. Spicy Vesuvio:  classic lemon,  garlic and oregano with a cayenne and red chili kicker
  3. Honey Sriracha:  sweet and spicy, honey, soy, and ginger with a big shot Sriracha heat
  4. Sweet Onion Balsamic:  caramelized onion, brown sugar and balsamic reduction for a balanced bite
  5. Dr Pepper BBQ:  23 flavors, need we say more
  6. Thai Peanut:  perfect balance of salty and sweet, roasted peanuts with sweet chili and fresh lime
  7. Salsa Roja:  smoky combo of chili, onions, garlic and tomatoes with a cilantro finish
  8. Spicy Honey Mustard:  slow burning version of our bourbon honey mustard
  9. Butter Buffalo Parmesan:  rich mild buffalo loaded with parmesan cheese
  10. Wild Curry:  Indian spicy market with sesame paste,  ginger and lemon grass
  11. Smoked Pineapple  Jalapeño:  pineapple and jalapeno smoked and combined with onion and honey
  12. Mango Jerk:  Caribbean hot jerk mixed with sweet mango
  13. Salted Caramel Apple:  tart apple bite with a sweet and salty finish
  14. PB & J:  the talk of wing fest
  15. Molé:  Mexican Classic of spices, nuts chili and chocolate
  16. Carolina BBQ:  vinegar tang balanced with sweet spices and brown sugar 

New Match-Up Each Day

Come Vote On Your Favorite Sauce! 

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